Joern Onken

Joern Onken

PhD Student in Economics

University College London


I am a PhD student in Economics at University College London.

My research interests are in macroeconomics, in particular the interaction between micro heterogeneity and macro outcomes such as inequality and business cycles.


Work in Progress:

Business Cycles in the Singles Economy


Hysteresis in Unemployment: Evidence from OECD Estimates of the Natural Rate
with Laurence Ball
International Finance, Vol. 25, Issue 3, p. 268-284, 2022
Published version Ungated ECB WP NBER WP

On the Measurement of the Elasticity of Labour
with Charles Gottlieb and Arnau Valladares-Esteban
European Economic Review, Vol. 139, 2021
Published version Ungated Code


ECON0107 Macroeconomics
UCL 1st Year PhD, TA for Vincent Sterk and Morten O. Ravn (Spring 2022/2023/2024)

ECON0028 The Economics of Growth
UCL 3rd Year BSc, TA for Lukasz Rachel (Fall 2023)

UCL Sutton Trust Summer School in Economics
UCL Summer School for Year 12 (High School) Students (Summer 2021/2022/2023)

ECON0016 Macroeconomic Theory & Policy
UCL 2nd Year BSc, TA for Wei Cui and Wendy Carlin (Fall 2021 and Spring 2022)